Our Team

Presently, Cherry House Press is made up of two authors, Ariana R Cherry and J.W. Wright. Their experience in self publishing, writing press releases and book reviews, graphic design, book layout and compassion for other authors will create an exciting journey for Cherry House Press.

Cherry has been self publishing since about 2004. Her first collection of poems was, “The Real Me-Xtended,” which she published through Lulu.com. She designed her own book layout and cover…. Through the years, she has gained experience on designing the inside of her books, cover and distributing her books. Now she works through Amazon and Create Space to release her books into the world. Some of Cherry’s books include the Gothic horror tale, “Only If,”  “Twisted Paths of Poetry” (a collection of horror poems), “Between Light and Darkness,” “Clouds of Mind,” “Through Her Eyes,” “Divine Poetry for a Spiritual Mind,” and “The Real Me, Xtended.”

J.W. Wright also is a self published author and with the help and mentoring of fellow author, Ariana Cherry, he too has released two versions of his book,  “Bestial Transformation and Other Horrors” and recently published the horror tale, “Three Ghosts,” which is based on the concept album by the progressive metal band Fyre of the same name. Wright has also written book reviews on the many books that he reads quite frequently… He gives wonderful descriptive and very fair reviews for many of the authors he has opened his doors too….and would love to do the same for the authors who walk through our doors here at Cherry House Press.

Together, this team duo wants to help authors like themselves publish their books and get the word out… With their experience in the self-publishing field and compassion for other authors, they want to help make the journey for other authors an exciting one…