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Are you looking for a new book? Then this is the place to shop! We have original poetry,  short stories and novels written by independent authors that range anywhere from horror, science fiction, psychological thrillers, fantasy and inspirational.
Shop for our books in our anchor store, “Cherry Art Wares,”  where you can buy books from all of our authors.
When you buy from Cherry-House Press, not only do we thank you – but our authors thank you! You will be supporting independent authors who are just ready to draw you in with their talented story-telling tactics and poetic verse. When you support our authors by buying one of their books, you are supporting their writing careers and satisfying your taste in literature!




We’ve been self-publishing our own books for quite some time and have even helped a few other authors publish their own creations as well.

Our current goal is to publish collections of short stories and poetry in our quarterly journal or in special themed anthologies. Cherry House Press wants to collaborate with authors like you- so that we can create masterpieces of literature and art…together!

The small team that makes up Cherry-House Press are authors themselves who have experience in writing, editing, publishing and graphic design. 

Our latest endeavor is our new literary journal- Ankh Magazine. An Ankh is an Egyptian symbol which means, “Life.” We want to breathe life into our author’s stories and poetry. For more information about getting your work in our semi-annual journal or publishing your novel or collection of poems, please visit our SUBMISSIONS page. 

We offer publishing help for all new authors and all of those “little guys,” just getting their start as they put out their first books…

Publishing for new authors and all the “little guys…”

Cherry-House Press also helps out authors who are a bit more “seasoned.” We can help you with getting the word out…. (writing press releases, book reviews, podcast interview, etc….)

Cherry House Press Gets the Word Out…